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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cars Jammies

Eryn was getting ready for bed two nights ago and was dressed in one of her sets of Cars pajamas. She has been big into rhyming - real words, created words - it doesn't matter to her (nor should it). She was dancing around, in a wonderful mood, and began singing "Mater Fellater, Mater Fellater..." I was going to tell Scooter, knowing he would chuckle, but I forgot about it until last night when we were watching Inside Deep Throat. His response was something like "Why didn't you blog that?! When she's 18 she needs to know she was dancing around singing about Mater Fellater."

So, to Eryn in 2021: I'm sorry, Honey; it had to be done. At four, you were funny as hell. I bet you still are.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So Big

Scooter and I took Eryn to Tesseract this morning, for the beginning of her formal education. She's in Preschool, but it's full-time...so she's in full-time school from now (age 4) until she's 18. I got most of the way home before I started crying, and the real drama hit when I shut off the car. Scooter is used to this - he said goodbye to her during the days a long time ago; I, on the other hand, have had two days a week at home with her. She and I called them "Stay Home With Mommy" days.

The first picture is Eryn on her way toward the school with Daddy.

At the front door:

With her new teacher, Ms. Jen:

With her First Day Name Tag:

Cousin J. (in the blue) in Morning Meeting, who is in 4th grade this year (his brother, S., is in 2nd grade, but I missed my chance at a photo):

And, back in the Orange Room on the group mat, ready to get going:

But...this is my little girl, when she was first "so big!"

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