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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Out of Kerry signs

So I went to Northern Sun (East Lake Street) to find a Kerry-Edwards sign for our lawn (we have a John Kerry sign from before Edwards was on the ticket, but wanted an updated version), and I couldn't get one because they were all sold out. I can't decide if that's a good sign that the Kerry campaign is doing well, or if it's a function of the neighborhood in which Northern Sun resides. One way or the other, at least there are more and more Kerry signs popping up all the time. Huh, Scott noticed that Bush-Cheney signs began appearing right after the RNC. What, do GOP supporters need to be reminded? I didn't notice an upsurge in Kerry signs after the DNC.

Note to Ming: Northern Sun has the fish you wanted for your car with "N Chips" inside it. I'd have gotten you one while I was there, but I saw it after I'd already paid for my stuff, and Eryn was hollering. Sorry.


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