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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Girl Poker Night

Eight of us played Texas Hold 'Em last night at my place. Not long into the game, a recurring theme in our conversation appeared:

Things You Won't Hear At A Men's Poker Game

1. "You know what's really nice? No one's smoking any stinky cigars."

2. On whether it took balls to stay in on a particular hand: "Not balls, mammaries - no, mams!"

3. "That is the definition of Prima Dona #1..."

4. On the third occurence of people splitting the pot 2 or 3 ways because of identical hole cards: "This is just CREEPING ME OUT!"

5. "Everyone should get to be chip leader at least once." (No, that didn't happen.)

6. "Christina Ricci was the younger sister in Mermaids?!"

7. "My first album was Sonny and Cher."

8. "Did I even pay my money?"

9. After dealing Q 3 3, Christy dealt a Q on the Turn, and started scraping something off the last Queen. While everyone was pondering the two pair on the board, she said "Is that CHOCOLATE?"

I think I've got the order right here - someone please correct me if I am wrong. In the order we went out:

Maurine (who had been the short stack when I went out)

And Scooter: I didn't play recklessly, I swear! I got lousy cards, kept folding over and over, bet big on pocket tens only to lose on the River, folded a bunch more, took a chance on a pocket Ace-Something suited, and got trounced. C'est la vie, it was fun!


Blogger Scooter said...

I don't think I've played a poker game at TallBrad's house without someone referring to him as prima donna #1.

December 10, 2005 3:36 PM  

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