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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Last Place! Last Place!

The 4th Annual Chili Fest was last night. We have placed each year - something like 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, or 2nd, 3rd, 2nd - I can't remember which. This year, my chili was going to be a real contender. I was pleased when my own creation turned out way yummy - a nice blend of hot (jalapenos, pureed anchos, thai chili paste, Penzey's Medium Hot Chili Powder) and a little sweetness (thai chili paste and molasses). The tequila brought it together well. I followed the online advice of champion chili makers and made the batch I was going to enter the day before, then reheated it in a crockpot to take to Brad's house. I'd reheated a small amount for Scooter, just on the stovetop, and he said it was great. Imagine my disappointment, then, when I was sharing some with Eryn shortly after arriving at Chili Fest 2006 and discovered the really, really sharp taste that had developed. It was little better than meat soaked in tequila. I wanted to blame the malfunctioning crockpot (one of the legs melted up into the bottom of the outer part of the crockpot, leading to the block of wood balancing the whole thing, and the name "2X4 Chili"). Alas, I think it was more likely that, as the alcohol cooked off, it condensed on the inside of the cover of the crock, and then simply worked its way back into the chili. Live, cook, learn. I don't know who ranked my chili best, but it must've been someone who really really likes tequila.

I imagine Scooter will blog other aspects of the evening, where he will describe how Eryn ended her evening.


Anonymous ruth chopp said...

Hi I have the same brand of crockpot as in your picture and two of the legs melted and I saw it in time to put wood blocks underneath before it crashed to the counter.

January 11, 2015 7:42 AM  

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