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Saturday, September 25, 2004

YES, him!

I recently asked my friend who tends to vote Green Party or Independent whether she's voting for Kerry in November. None of my business, right? I asked anyway. She said she is voting for Kerry, but that she doesn't particularly like him. When I asked her why not, she noted that his supporters have focused much more on the "anybody but Bush" sentiment than on anything Kerry does or is. I explained my reasoning for voting for anyone the Democrats put on the ballot for President and how the "Anybody but Bush" movement comes from an intense disgust for the man and the disaster he's created here, and in Iraq (and of our reputation as a country). She agreed he's disgusting and said that's why she'd also vote for anyone the Democrats offered, but I take note of what she said about the negatively stated support for Kerry. Anybody but Bush is a little too inclusive. I wouldn't vote for Pat Robertson.

The fact is, I do like John Kerry. Someone close to me who is likely to vote Bush (though I have a hard time accepting and truly believing that) asked me "Yeah, but would you pick him out of a lineup?" Yes, I would. I don't know what sort of President he'll be, precisely, but if he behaves in office the way he claims he will--if he acts on the things he says he will--then we will be much better off than we are now.

Anyway, I rescind my earlier statement that I'm returning to my "Anybody But Bush" sticker. I don't want to give anyone who normally votes Independent or Green Party any reason not to Vote get Kerry in, and yes, to get W. out.


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