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Monday, October 04, 2004

Expedition to Kids' Hair

Eryn was turning into a feral child:

So we trekked to Kids' Hair in Eagan.

Eryn decided she wanted to walk into the shop herself, but then paced around in tight circles in the parking lot, apparently apprehensive about her first haircut. I had to pick her up, which inspired much screaming, so I got us to the sidewalk quickly and set her down, which inspired more screaming. I figured the haircut was going to be a major struggle, but all the stylist had to do to distract her from the kid table with paper and crayons in the entryway was to ask her if she wanted to watch Elmo. Eryn grinned and repeated "El! El!" and happily trotted off and let this woman she'd never met lift her into the chair and fasten her in...all on the promise of Elmo. (The video wasn't even playing yet.)

Her hair was sprayed down and the first lock taken off before she really noticed, she was so engaged in Elmocize.

Eryn got bored when Zoe Monster took over the exercise routine, but by then the haircut was almost finished:

She wasn't sure what she thought of blowdrying...

...but then she remembered the crayon she'd pilfered from the table, and it was all okay.

When she was finished, she got to check herself out in the mirror...

...and scowled because she was sure Daddy would make fun of her cool ponytail.

The moment she was out of the chair, she forgot all about Daddy's ridiculous opinion and Elmo's exercise routine and made a beeline back to the coloring table.

Then she remembered the ponytail and wondered again what Daddy would say.

I had to bribe her with Fruit Snacks ("Nack! Nack!") to get her to put down the crayons and come with me to the car.


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