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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

And the award for most ridiculously spelled name goes to...

...LaFawnduh, the questionably female e-girlfriend of Kip, Napoleon's older brother in Napoleon Dynamite.

Scooter and I watched this last night, and enjoyed it...wincingly. He called it "a character study of dorks," which seems an appropriate classification. "Comedy" simply doesn't suffice. The movie is worth the time if you are looking for something painfully (recall "wincingly") funny that won't tax your brain. That is not to say it has the mindless quality of something like--oh, Shallow Hal, or Jason vs. Freddy, but it entertains without teaching anyone anything or altering anyone's perspective.

Wait. It did reaffirm my conviction that teenage formalwear in the 1980's was horrific. It also convinced Scooter he was absolutely correct in his belief that no one should ever wear Zubas.


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