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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More of the Deck

Is sealed, but not without more annoying, if unintentional, behavior from me.

Trip to Home Depot with Eryn:
(1) Much begging to ride on the John Deere lawn tractors "for a minute"
(2) Much "driving" of said tractors
(3) I lose the magnetic sunglass clips for my glasses
(4) Lots of "we need to go this way, Honey"
(5) Get new gallon of sealant and bendy attachment for Dad's power painter
(6) More begging to ride the tractors
(7) Pay for stuff
(8) Realize I've lost my sunglass clips
(9) Search for and ask about sunglass clips
(10) More begging re: tractors
(11) Get home, realize Dad had the bendy attachment in the Wagner box already
(12) Work on deck, discover it's as fast to brush on the sealant, while power painter wastes a bunch of sealant.


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