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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Candy Trouble

All of those medical/financial/educational forms we all fill out have that sometimes troublesome section where we are to check a box in front of our race (though usually told we may select "choose not to say,") and then list

African-American, Asian, Caucasian/White, American Indian, Other

as our choices. Some of them go a bit farther and include

Samoan, Native Hawaiian, Korean, Asian Indian, Korean, Vietnamese.

I was dumping the bags of Halloween candy Scooter and Eryn bought last week, and quickly saw that it was not going to fit into the one big bowl we typically use. (I bought a black cauldron a few years ago, but I don't know where it is.) I found a second bowl and decided for some maniacal reason to put chocolate-y things in one bowl and "Other" in the - well, other bowl. It was then that I spotted the problem.

First: Tootsie Rolls. Some people will immediately proclaim that they belong with the chocolate. But they don't really taste like chocolate! They taste like Tootsie Roll chocolate. When in the grips of a Chocolate Fit, a Tootsie Roll (or indeed a handful of Tootsie Rolls) might take the edge off it, but certainly does not satisfy it. So where do they go - Chocolate or Other? And don't even get me started on the chocolate-flavored Tootsie Pops.

If you look closely at the Tootsie Roll package, it lists cocoa among its ingredients. Into the Chocolate bowl they went. The Tootsie Pops I decided belonged with their cherry, orange and root beer cousins in Other.

Now I wonder if I'm a bigot.

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Blogger klund said...

Do you happen to know a licensed therapist?

October 30, 2008 3:20 PM  
Blogger She says said...

I don't know... this is awfully close to color discrimination.

Personally, it's either real chocolate or it's not. So no "white" chocolate or tootsie pops would be allowed to co-mingle with the real chocolate.

AND, that way, you could designate the non-chocolate bowl for "give away" to trick or treaters and hoard the chocolate for the giver to snack on for treats.

October 30, 2008 4:35 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

I don't think there's any white chocolate to be concerned about. I'm pretty sure Eryn and I ate it all.

October 31, 2008 6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now ask your Mother-In-Law, she is an expert in Tootsie Rolls, and Tootsie Pops. She has many many and many years of tasting experience. It is her favorate! Just ask Scooter, and his brother and sister. She has many, many, many ....... tootsie rool banks. Being Halloween she has taken all the Tootsie Rolls out of the candy dish! She has informed me that they do not belong in either bowl, they are to be eaten right away.

October 31, 2008 11:07 PM  

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