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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I don't like it that there are Americans and citizens of America's allied countries trapped in Lebanon while it's being bombed. But this, from CNN a bit after noon today, was too much: it seems that Americans who were working or vacationing (really?) in Lebanon are awaiting evacuation by cruise ships, including the Orient Queen, where they can have the "comforts and conveniences one would expect on a sea voyage, even a relatively short one of five to six hours."

The military vessels will get there faster, but let's not settle for expediency at the expense of luxury.

Yep, let's help our citizens escape. But in the hour I sat in D. Brian's eating lunch today so that I could catch some news, no one on CNN said a word about where Lebanese citizens are going to escape the bombings or what might happen for them in the coming weeks.



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