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Friday, July 21, 2006


I don't want to see commercials in movie theaters. Unless I am willing to rip out my eyes and shove them into my ears, apparently I am going to experience commercials when I choose to go to the theater (when will there be live-action commercials in live theater?) Given that, the companies that advertise could have the decency to make the ads palatable. Entertaining, even. To whom does that Fanta crap appeal? I'm not linking to it - it's annoying, potentially seizure-inducing, and mind-atrophying. I just can't be responsible for the effects on you if you choose to go looking for it yourself. Look at us! Drink Fanta! Are our breasts moving too fast for you to see? Drink Fanta! You know you wantawantawantaFanta! If I liked to ogle women, I can't imagine I'd find this interesting.

At least the Coke commercial was imaginative. I still don't want to see it in the theater. It's bad enough I pay for DirectTV that has commercials.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fanta! Fanta! Fevah! Fevah! Fanta! Fanta! Fevah! Fevah! Chug your Fanta, you know how! It's just soooo catchy eh! Especially with some EXTREME spelling thrown in!

Apparently the people at Coke spent all their mental energies on the Coke commercial you saw, as Fanta (a Coca Cola trademark) seems to have gone down a path that can be described as anything but cerebral.

I'll just resort to your blog name now, as there's really nothing left to say after checking out the Fanta site. My brain hurts!

July 21, 2006 8:40 PM  

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