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Thursday, October 28, 2004

What Not To Wear

(when planning a full day of walking around downtown Chicago). Correct answer: aged, worn-down shoes with a significant (if chunky) heel, where your only defense for choosing them is that you "wore them throughout pregnancy, and did fine."

One of my most brilliant moments, just ask Scooter.

The result? Blistered feet, messed up knees (still, over a week later), knotted calf muscles, and a lot of time spent on Magnificant Mile trying to find a pair of shoes that (1) were fit for walking, (2) matched what I was wearing...sort of, and (3) didn't cost $800. I could have gone with rhinestone-encrusted spike heels, but chose instead a pair of shoes that are at least not hideous and that cost about $70. Ouch.

Stupid shoes.


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