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Friday, November 05, 2004

Four More Years

It's three days after the election, and I'm still reeling. I've been reading political blogs, reading the meltdowns of like-minded people, and that's not helping.

Fuck this. It stinks. I'm frightened that 51% of the people who voted chose Bush. Truly, terribly frightened. I haven't figured out what it means that so many voted for him, though I've read others' theories about fear, hatred, stupidity, and closed-mindedness.

There is one bright spot that I want to remember, though: 49% voted for Kerry. Yes, it's a minority, but it's still a huge chunk of the U.S. that doesn't buy Bush's bullshit and doesn't think it's all about what's best for them over everybody else all the time. Jeff Culver's blended red-and-blue map of the vote, posted originally at Boing Boing Blog, demonstrates this well:

Only a few states are truly red, and there's a whole mess o' purple on that map. That's vaguely heartening.

However, I am not yet feeling very PC, so I will also share the map that best suits my mood and my take on the election results. This is from Mean Mr. Mustard's friend Jim (you'll have to ask MMM who Jim is):

Funny. You know, scary-funny.


Blogger college_sociology_psychology said...

Hi, I love your perspective, and seeing that you haven't posted in a while, I hope all is well in your part of the country. I also am so thoroughly disgusted with all of what I still call Bushes Bullshit Scam of an Election, but it does look like Kerry is actually acting more as a president should be anyway, so maybe even though not officially the president, he may well be unoffically our leader still, however so expressive, thank the gods of all that's democratic.

January 11, 2005 5:59 PM  

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