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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Neater Than I Was

Or maybe that's geekier. Whatever. The deal is, I got a letter from the Jones Soda Co. yesterday telling me I'd had a photo chosen for one of the labels. I'm disappointed it wasn't one of the Eryn pictures I submitted (what a cool thing that would be to save for her!), but it's still very fun that one of my photos will be on bottles. People stranger than I collect those things for the photos, so I contributed something to a collector's item. A weird one, but, cool!

Jones sent me a few labels, but no bottle, and the labeled bottles are randomly distributed throughout the country, so I need help finding some. If you see the label with my photo, please pick up a couple of them for me! I don't think this set of labels is out yet. If I discover when they are, I'll tell everyone. Oh, and the Green Apple Soda printed on the label is just an example--it could be on anything.

The letter.

The label.

The photo.


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