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Monday, April 25, 2005


We had Eryn's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. It was a much smaller affair than her 1st, but she was pretty excited. I'm posting one picture (Eryn helping us clean before the party) and linking to the rest so this isn't terribly photo laden.

Eryn and Millie having tea at the new table (from Mana and Papa)

Eryn on her new "big slide" (from Dan, Katie and Conner)

The lineup for the big slide

Opening the Sit-n-Spin (from Jackie, Andrew, and Oliver)

The Spin-N-Puke is most fun if Uncle Andrew spins it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eryn looks like she is having fun! Heard she got Ellens package today. That took a while to get their. She also up graded to a larger slide. Next year twice the size then the next twice that size then the next twice the twice size. You will have to cut a hole in the roof to have it fit! Happy Birthday Eryn.
Grandpa John

April 25, 2005 6:08 PM  

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