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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surgery Cost

I just called HealthEast to find out why I have an enormous bill for the surgery I had on April 28. I figured it couldn't be correct. Then "L" in the billing department told me the total cost for the surgery at Woodwinds was $26,003.59. I couldn't help myself and responded with "WOW!" Then I said, "Well, this is what Obama is talking about, isn't it." L said "No." I said I thought it was. She countered with "No, actually, he's talking about things that happen over and over again." Um, no. Right-wing talking point. Not at ALL what he's talking about. I was about to explain it to her, thought better of it, and said "Never mind. Could you please send me an itemized bill? The one HealthEast sent me just has a lump sum." L said she could do that.

Holy crap. The total cost of having Eryn (by emergency c-section, after induction and 14 hours of labor, followed by five nights in the hospital, was about $13,000, six years ago. They had to take care of Eryn and the anesthesiologist had to tap my spine for an epi two different times (once right after induction and once for a block to do the surgery). My surgeon was there with us for 12 hours. For this surgery, I was in hospital for two nights; I was under anesthesia for three hours. And, we've already paid the non-covered portions for the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. $26K?! WTF?

Scooter says it was the harpist.

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