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Friday, June 17, 2005

MN Zoo Highlights

Scooter took the day off and the three of us drove the entire five miles to the "New Zoo" to hook up with Mean Mr. Mustard and his daughter, Emma, and klund and his brood: Koleman, Eli, Milena, and Kelson. Selected highlights follow.

(1) Kevin made this face:

(2) We saw some animals.

(3) As the adults were discussing what to do next, Eryn wandered over to a planter full of flowers only to discover that the little girl (big kid, by Eryn's standards) next to the flowers was more interesting because of her possession of Doritos. Eryn scammed a chip and came back to us beaming. We made sure she said "thank you." Eli tried to scam the chip off Eryn, but that just...well, it wasn't happening.

(4) Everyone but Scooter, Eryn and I went home.

(5) Eryn made this face:

(6) Eryn, Scooter and I rode a swan boat. I cut my leg on said swan boat*, and Scooter mocked me by saying I could injure myself with cheese and bread.

*The swan boats are not dangerous. I have no idea how I managed to cut myself on one.


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