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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I Don't Have Hubcaps

Well, crap. Good point, Dad. (Dad called to make sure I wasn't going to go get a new wheel before the tire made its intentions about deflating versus staying inflated clear, and pointed out that the Focus actually has no hubcaps. Sigh. He's right.)

Still, the GoodYear guys didn't have to smear sealant gunk all over the wheel (not hubcap) to fix the tire's seal. They also could have:

1) Told me what they were doing
2) Not told me it'd be half an hour if they planned to take 1 1/4 hours to get to it. They must have planned it.
3) Told me without my having to ask what was wrong with my wheel
4) Not told me that aluminum is a "special" kind of metal

Larson's. Remember it.


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