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Thursday, April 28, 2005


In my shower tile. Hundreds of them. The fact that they're identical and repeat in precisely the same places on each individual tile I take as evidence of their reality and their supernatural character. That one tile where they're all upside down is just mocking me.

Can't see them? There are many in each tile, and I've enhanced the image a bit to help you begin picking them out:

Now you see them, don't you.

I wasn't certain I wasn't just seeing random patterns in the tiles that only appeared to be faces. However, since the arrival of the Chicago Salt Virgin, I've realized that those demons in my tile are truly there. They've come to torment me for thinking the Chicago miracle is just a salt stain that looks more like an O'Keefe watercolor than Mary. Sure, the demons were there when we bought the house. They knew I would mock the miracle, and they've been waiting for their chance to drag me into Hell with them.

I'm pretty sure my textured ceilings harbor demons too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jen there is help out there! You could probably talk it over with Ellen she is in the profession. How about new glasses? It is the picture of me that you put on the web coming to haunt you.

April 29, 2005 11:33 AM  

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