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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fascinating Chain

What would one use to rob it? And once one had acquired the weapon of his/her heart's desire, would he/she be required to wear these shorts while brandishing it?

And, if the ATF were a convenience store, could I get supplies to accomplish this lofty goal?

I have a question. How would nuking the moon further world peace? Are the mooninites hiding weapons of mass destruction there? Would the sudden randomness of tides incite mass cooperation? We have to destroy something, so let's make it the moon instead of the Middle East?

I found this supplier of wingnut rhetoric-sporting t-shirts while popping through the list of blogspot bloggers who live in Eagan. "Beer and Skittles." Hm, I thought...might be amusing. Kate lists Fox News and the Drudge Report as her top two news sources. Gosh, I hope she lives nearby. We could be BFF!


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