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Monday, February 26, 2007

A Gorilla Mooned Me

...and I took a picture, because I'm just that kind of overgrown child.

Eryn, LissyJo, Niece A and I went to Como for a couple of hours today.

Highlights included a snowball fight;

- the construction of a snow sculpture on the path that Eryn entitled "Snowman with Scorpion Babies;"

-evidence of why one shouldn't open the digital camera in the new tropical area;

- a monkey feeling brave behind the glass; and

- the same silverback from the first photo, peeing. Unfortunately, I stopped filming just before he turned around, walked to the "far" side of this little pool, and began to drink. I'm sure his urine wasn't in that part yet.

One more, because it's cute: Eryn and A, in front of the Spider Monkeys.

I don't want to talk about the tarantula (HUGE) or the mice (little, but running around loose in the tropical area.)

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