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Friday, February 02, 2007

Lord of the Flies, Eagan Style

The sign behind Eryn should read "WARNING: Other people's children will piss you off. Your kid might bug you, too."

I nearly titled this post "Your Kid Is A Cretin," but I would have had to have added the subtitle "and Mine is Kind of a Whinger," so I skipped it.

It's damn cold today, so it seemed as if half of Eagan was at The Blast. I figured that was great - Eryn could play with a bunch of other kids, and I could read my stuff for class. Alas, it was not to be. Eryn has not yet acquired the skill set required to ignore pushy little buggers. Mom, some boy said I couldn't go in there! Mom, those boys are punching the things hanging from the ceiling, and I can't even get through! Mom, they were chasing me! Mom, they have sharpened sticks! Mom, those two girls told me I can't go up in the rocket - they told me "NO!" right in my face! She'd go try to do something, and Pushy Little Bugger would be in her way, and she'd try saying "Excuse me," (which you can hear in the video below), but when PLB didn't move, she came running back to me to whinge about it. I had to make the speech where one explains that "even when we are very nice and try to share and play nicely, not everyone acts nice all the time. If someone is mean to you or says you can't play, you can ignore them or tell them they're not in charge. If someone hurts you, you should come tell me, but if they're just being mean, you need to stand up for yourself." Then I had to explain what standing up for yourself means.

The Pushy Little Buggers become the adults who can't merge. No! This is my lane!

In the video below, you can experience the whinging for yourself.


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