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Friday, February 16, 2007

Blue Eye Shadow

The Scene:
Northern Twin Cities suburb Walgreens, 8:00 p.m., Saturday night. The register.

The Players:
Eryn, age 3.75, with mother on her way home from grandparents' home

Cashier with Fake Eyelashes and Copious Amounts of Blue Eye Shadow (henceforth known as "Blue")

The Background:
Approaching a Walgreens by car, Eryn's mother remembers they had used the last Pull-Up in the house the previous night, and inquires whether Eryn would be willing to use a diaper for one night. Indignant at such a suggestion, Eryn says they should stop and get some Pull-Ups. She adds that she wants to get Cars Pull-Ups, pointing out that "I know they are made for boys, but I don't care!" Her mother tries to make a point about silly sexist marketing schemes, to which Eryn responds "I don't care, I like Cars!"

Eryn [putting package of Cars Pull-Ups on the counter]: I LOVE Cars!
Blue: Ooo, me too!!!! Corvettes, and BMWs, and Cadillacs! Ohhhh, and PORCHES!!!!!!
Eryn: I was talking about the movie.
Blue: You're going to love cars, too, when you grow up!!!!!!!!!!

For tips on how to apply blue eye shadow, this will help.



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