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Monday, September 06, 2010

Eight Years at the Fair

The photo of Eryn in front of the MN State Fair sign in the far corner of the Fair by the 104.1 Jack FM booth began when Eryn was 4.5 months old, in 2003. I took the original photos in front of that sign on a whim; in 2004, we decided to use the same sign and call it a tradition, and began speculating on when she would refuse to pose for the photo.

We can't cheat and use a sign closer to the things we enjoy at the Fair because of the crack in the cement below the sign. Besides, Eryn knows it's by the Jack booth, and that's her favorite station to listen to if the classical music station is running talk instead of classical music. I doubt the fairgrounds budget includes patching such harmless cracks, so it's this sign for as long as the tradition lasts.

I have never taken to blogging the way Scooter has, but I manage to get first days of school, birthdays and the Fair out here. I'm glad he does his part exceptionally well, or I'd never remember where we went on any vacation, or virtually anything any of us ever does.

Here is the lineup:



2005, too big for a stroller





9.3.2010, four days before beginning 2nd grade

Eryn wasn't holding her stuffed animal purchase because we had convinced her to leave that until we were on our way out. For the record, it is a pink poodle on a stick (no, not like bacon on a stick, cheesecake on a stick, or hotdish on a stick). Eryn delighted in making the poodle "walk" on its leash/stick until we pointed out the ground was filthy and she discovered that after one minute, so were the dog's paws. Then Ginger was a levitating pink poodle. Scooter has published the best photos from the day on his page.

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