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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jesus and the Supermarket

I saw two bumper stickers yesterday I hadn't seen before. Okay, one was a decal. It was on an overpowered truck (probably had a Hemi) and said "My Other Toy Has Hooters." Combined with the image of Calvin urinating on a competing truck brand logo, another decal declaring that the truck "Hauls Ass," the driver's maniac highway maneuvers, and the cigarette dangling off his lower lip, I believe I have found my soulmate! Sorry, Scooter.

The second was...perplexing. It looked like the "I [Heart] My Cub" stickers that, when spotted on your vehicle last summer (summer before?) could win you an SUV, but it actually said "I [Heart] My Jesus." Now, let's say Jesus was something other than a visionary pacifist who became a hugely famous scapegoat. Does anyone think he'd appreciate being lumped together with a megamarket advertising campaign? And what is the prize for being spotted with an "I [Heart] My Jesus" sticker if he doesn't like it?


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