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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Ring Two

Call it a rental, if you've seen the first one and you're convinced you have to see this one, too. But save yourself the $8.50 it costs to see it in a me.

Problems with the movie, without giving away everything (though I am not sure it matters, as it makes little sense, anyway):

(1) How did Samara find Aiden and Rachel again? Can the dead see and hear through all television sets? If so, how come we're never told that?

(2) BORING! Yeah, yeah, people get scared to death, we know that. Oh, look how scared the dead people look!

(3) If Samara wants a mommy who loves her (and won't try to kill her like her real mommy) so much, why does she keep trying to make Rachel (who clearly doesn't want her and keeps trying to kill her) be that mommy?


It didn't help my moviegoing experience that:

- I was the oldest person in the theater by at least ten years
- The seven girls sitting two rows in front of me talked at normal volume throughout the movie
- The girl sitting directly in front of me found some guy halfway through the movie and they made out for the second half of the movie. Ew.

Maybe without the face-sucking teenagers and insipid teenage girl conversation, I would have enjoyed the movie more, but I doubt it. Did I mention it was boring?


Blogger Empowerqueen said...

Thank you for the movie review!
Being a stay at home Mom is a wonderful place to be in life.I can tell you that there is no material possession on earth that can compare with the memories you will make with your children!
Grace be with you...

March 19, 2005 7:39 PM  

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