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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cat Blogging

My daughter is napping, which gives me time to do things like clean up the family room, remove the nasty grime from the ceiling fan, and read news. I intended to blog about something related to the news, as I've been doing so much kidblogging recently. However, as I read the news I am reminded of my reasons for kidblogging: I am having trouble digesting the news. I waded through some GannonGuckert stuff and some things about Hal Turner (I'm not linking to him, he's a jackass, though I will link to Orcinus, who has a nice piece on Turner, terrorism, the Lefkow murders, and recently constructed religions), and now I'm done. I didn't even make it to international news.

I'm going to go clean the cat's litter box. It's less disgusting.


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