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Friday, March 04, 2005

Meet Chico

I was alerted to his presence by my dog's annoying and incessant barking at the front door. Strangely, Chico was at the back door, looking pathetic and apparently asking to come inside the house. (Sandy's a genius.) He followed me around and then let me look at his tag, so I penned him in the yard and called the Eagan Police to find out where he lives. Easy enough: the police will tell you the dog's name, the street he lives on, his owner's first name, and a home and alternate telephone number. Chico's human came and got him within five minutes. Eryn was annoyed: she kept saying "Chico barking. Chico IN!" Now that he's gone, she's repeating "Chico home, Chico his house," only she blends that last one together so she sounds like she's doing hip hop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now all Eryn needs is a motorized vehicle to get to her house! At 4 1/2 MPH she should get across the house in seconds. Grand daughter Eryn enjoy the new House and give Dad and Mom a new learning experience.

March 08, 2005 6:54 AM  

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