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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nine Years at the Minnesota State Fair



2005, too big for a stroller





9.3.2010, four days before beginning 2nd grade

8.27.2011, nine days before becoming a third grader, in brand new Sketchers (thanks, Grandma Ellen!)

Eryn's sign is a busier place than it has been for the past eight years, and we had to wait for a chance to snap pictures when no one was trying to look at the map. I don't think that's ever happened before. The Jack FM booth isn't set up there this year - instead, the nearest thing is a snowboard and snowboarding clothing tent shop: far more popular than Jack. Eryn showed the first signs of finding the tradition tiresome.  Who had their money on age eight?

Eryn's favorite part of the Fair is the rides (shocking, I know). This year, she spent just under half her ride tickets in Kidway, and then discovered the joys of the Midway. She wasn't interested in the biggest rides, but some some new favorites.

The Ladybugs in the Kidway are a perennial favorite. Scooter and I thought she looked bored, but she was excited when she got off the ride and said it went "scary fast" backwards.

Pirate Ships:

On the Sky Glider with me:

Bumper cars on the Midway:

The Scrambler on the Midway is Eryn's new favorite. I had a raspberry malt in the Dairy Barn, so I was happy.



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