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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Physical Therapy Does to My Digestive System: An Illustration

I saw my physical therapist on Monday. She's been doing a technique she and the other pelvic pain specialist PT person learned recently. It's something to do with the lymphatic system, but I can't remember exactly what the deal is except that it "drains the lymphatic system of excess gunk." I also can't remember how that is meant to help with my messed up nerves, but it is probably something like this:

Theoretically, getting gunk out of my lymphatic system will decrease pressure on my blood vessels, allowing them to increase blood flow to other tissues.  In turn, this reduces inflammation and therefore the pressure on the aforementioned damaged nerves.

The technique involves poking me in the ribs until she finds the most sensitive spots (looking for what she calls the "Jump Point"), then holding that spot with a finger on one hand while compressing areas over my stomach and my lower abdomen with her other hand.  The problem is that a day after she does this, I feel like I have gastroenteritis (minus the vomiting, though the day is not yet over). I described the sensation to Eryn as being like dinosaurs and monsters trucks battling in my stomach while deranged monkeys use my lower intestines as a bouncy house.  She thought it was hysterical.

I spent the last hour drawing this picture instead of finishing my last CEU, because I have been reading entirely too much of Allie Brosh's blog.

P.S. Don't ask me why my stomach is in my upper chest; I have a CEU to complete.

P.P.S. You can click on the pictures to enlarge my lovely illustrations!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blogger Can't Handle Google SketchUp

No one can see my attempt at a person, drawn after completely ignoring the presence of tutorials, because Blogger says the file is "corrupted." It isn't corrupted, it just has .skp after it, and Blogger can't figure that out.

Ooo, wait! Maybe I can do a screen capture. I don't know if I'm smart enough to do that, let me check.

Yes, yes I am. See the person on the left? That's not mine; that's the image that was there when I opened a new document thing. I drew the circle head and then tried to use rectangles to do other body parts. When it was obvious it was going badly, I kept going anyway because it made me laugh. I have to stop doing this nonsense now, though, because I promised Scooter I would call the TV repair people today and tell them our big TV is broken again in the same way, and what are they going to do about it.

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Bad Banana Bread Makes Me Angry

Who are all these people who can't make banana bread? It isn't hard. (Neither should the actual bread be, by the way.) A psychologist in my suite said she'd been given banana bread, and had put it out to share (as is the custom among we therapists when clients give us food). So I found myself a piece. It looked dubious, but that's just looks, so I tried it. Now I am angry. How did someone turn bananas into sandpaper? What's with the crunchy bits? There are nuts, but that's not what I'm talking about, so what the heck? I can't get it off my tongue.

This isn't the first time, either. I'm not eating any of that stuff anymore. Maybe the psychologist is doing research on her colleagues.