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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Waiting For Fondue

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Thursday, December 21, 2006


She's tall because she's Scooter's daughter, and she trips on stairs and sprains her ankle because she's mine.

It's not broken, but the GP wasn't comfortable diagnosing the three-year-old who won't put any weight on the injured foot, so Eryn and Scooter have an appointment with an orthopedist this afternoon. If it's not broken, and it hurts enough she won't step on it, doesn't that pretty much make it a sprain? Any reason to do anything other than wrap it? LissyJo?

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December 18, 1993

Monday, December 18, 2006

SpinArt! (nothing to do with bunnies)

Eryn has discovered SpinArt, courtesy of Ming, Julie and Logan. (She loves it - thanks, guys!)

Video demonstration of SpinArt technique at YouTube.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Lessons Learned from a Dead Bunny

1. If you leave the bunny to get later, the crows will turn it from a gory disgusting mess into a gory disgusting mess with rabbit shit all over it - and not the pellet-y kind.

2. And they will string out the intestines, but you won't notice when you pick up the headless body, because they look like the neighbor's willow twigs when they're all spread out like that.

3. And then when you go back out to look for the head in case it's around somewhere (and you don't want your three-year-old to find it), you will notice the entrails and you will have to pick them up.

4. If you never pick up bunny entrails with a stick again, that will be fine with you.

5. If you pick up bunny intestines with a stick, you will be able to see very clearly the point inside the bunny's system at which bunny shit changes from liquid into bunny pellets.

6. The pellets are preferable.

7. While making sure you got all the entrails, you might stumble across the site of the actual bunny killing (as opposed to the more obvious body-dump site).

8. A bunny shits itself when its head is bitten off.

9. You might have that look on your face for a while.

10. You may never find the head.

Not Safe For: Bunny Lovers, Small Children, or Bunnies. Seriously.

Listen, I warned you. I've disguised the full extent of the grotesquery, but of course you can tell that this is an ex-bunny. The only question is: what's hunting in my yard? Hobbs, the neighbor cat, chitters at sparrows and annoys our cat, but he's no bunny decapitater (decapitatist?) So, what? Fox? Coyote? Both are around. Unfortunately, Christy, I cannot determine whether this was the end of Cancer Bunny. The necessary end of the bunny is missing.

Wait, there is one more question: whether I will clean this up before Scooter comes home.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Pictorial to Annoy Scooter


9 Ice Cubes

Between having my head fiddled with and fiddling with other people's heads this morning, I stopped in Caribou for a dose of white cocoa (mmm...white cocoa...) and found myself in line behind a woman in her early twenties. She'd held the door open for me, as I was carrying a book in one hand and a computer bag in the other. I noticed then that she was dressed vaguely goth, though I don't want to say it was goth because I've probably gotten it wrong and it's actually some subset or offshoot of goth, and calling it goth would just make me look silly, wouldn't it? Anyway. Sort-of-goth chick was in line ahead of me, smelling vaguely off, so I backed off a bit, (yes, it was a strong enough off unpleasant smell to make me take a step back), but not so far I didn't hear her order: light roast, 9 ice cubes. Huh.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Our" God Can Beat Up Your God

Ooo, I have an idea! Maybe we could not use any holy book when people begin their terms of service in Congress? Maybe we could haze them instead, and see if they choose to stay: a rush period for new congresspeople.

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager explains that it's okay for Ellison to have his own beliefs, as long as he acknowledges his beliefs are wrong:

It is not I, but Keith Ellison, who has engaged in disuniting the country. He can still help reunite it by simply bringing both books to his ceremonial swearing-in.

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